A new ministry family for Southern Beaches Anglican

Greg Harris - National Director

After a relatively short period without a minister, I’m pleased to announce that Southern Beaches Anglican (SBA) in Tasmania will welcome a new ministry family next month.

On Sunday, Bishop Richard Condie announced to his Diocese that David Horne and his family will commence at SBA on 2 December after completing two weeks of quarantine. This marks a return to the Apple Isle for David who completed his schooling in Somerset, undergraduate university studies in Launceston, and his first teaching role in Burnie. 

David, his wife Lauren and children Elka, Posy & Lennox were previously based in Melbourne where David had been undertaking a Master of Divinity at Ridley College and working part-time at City on a Hill.

At City on a Hill Melbourne, David held the role of Services Coordinator for five years leading a team of 40 volunteers. In the past year his role expanded to include writing curriculum for Children’s Ministry, leading Bible talks at youth group and developing digital opportunities for the community.

“I love bringing people into community and helping them to find their place and their role to play as we go about being salt and light, making disciples for Jesus,” says David.

Please join with me in welcoming the Hornes’ to the BCA Family. We pray that God will bless their family and their ministry in Tasmania.