A great need to hear the gospel

Brendan Hurley   

Hurley Family
The Hurley Family


Brendan & Laura Hurley and their three boys have recently joined the BCA family. They are serving in Bluff Point WA in an evangelistic ministry.

I grew up in Sydney and became a Christian when a friend challenged me to give Jesus a fair go. I started reading the Bible for myself and was instantly struck by the uniqueness of Jesus’ knowledge, power and love.

Laura and I were married nine years ago after meeting at a Christian conference for university students and have been working at churches in Perth for just under a decade. We have three wonderful boys; Ethan (5), Jake (2) and Ollie (six months).

A couple of our friends partnered with BCA as they worked in regional and rural churches and we thought what they were doing was great but never expected that sort of ministry would be something we could do. And then this position in Bluff Point came up.

We saw the great need for people in Geraldton to hear the gospel. There are about 40,000 people in the greater Geraldton region and so many of them have their backs turned to Jesus. We wanted to see if we could help in some way with the good work people are already doing here.

My main focus is on evangelising youth and young families. Many young people see Jesus as an irrelevant relic of the past. Together we want to show them that a man who has conquered death is the most important and relevant thing out there.

After we have settled in, I’ll be doing some evangelism and evangelism training in other churches throughout North West Australia.

We have only been in Geraldton for a few months and yet it already feels like home. The people at church have been incredibly supportive and welcoming. We are very excited about partnering with them as we share the gospel.

Please pray that God would save hundreds of people in Geraldton. Even if that were to happen it would only be the tip of the iceberg compared to the many people who live here. But our God has a big heart for the lost, so we are excited to see what He will do.