Wickham is a small town located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, about 50 kilometres east of Karratha. The town of Wickham services Cape Lambert – Rio Tinto’s largest port facility for the export of iron ore. Mining is therefore the main industry among the town’s 2500 residents and the over 2000 fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers. There is a high level of disposable income among many of the population, but such wealth has given rise to many problems; notably binge drinking among young people. The seaside hamlet of Port Sampson, men’s and women’s prisons and the Aboriginal town of Roebourne – the capital city for Indigenous tribes in the north west – are all located nearby.

The Revd Richard & Mrs Tracy Goscombe

Richard Goscombe and his wife Tracy moved to the West Australian mining town of Wickham in 2009, becoming the town’s first Anglican Rector in a decade.

There is much segregation in the community between black and white, company and non-company, management and workers, fly-in fly-out workers and permanent residents. In spite of this, Richard has been privileged to have doors open to minister to the people.

Children: Rachel (1992), Josh (1994), Sarah (1996)

The Goscombes' July Prayer Points
Please pray for the Dusty Boots team heading to Wickham, Roebourne, Tom Price and Wakathuni in the Pilbara from 6-19 July.

Please pray for:

  • The two teams - those from Youthworks College, and from our link church at Norwest Anglican that provide both support and logistics, and others who join the College for the front-line ministry to the kids and families in the Pilbara
  • Logistics for the team’s stay, both on the coast (Wickham/Roebourne), and inland (Tom Price/Wakathuni). They are still battling to get power connected for the team’s digs at Wakathuni. Pray this would happen
  • The service at the Pilbara Aboriginal Church in Roebourne on 8 July with the team, and for Neville Naden (BCA's Indigenous Ministry Officer) as he speaks. Pray for BBQ Church in Wickham that evening
  • Matt Warth as he leads things on the ground, especially taking a group to run a kids' club and minister in Roebourne during NAIDOC. Pray for Matt as he takes the same team to the NAIDOC Carnival - a footy carnival which draws teams and families from communities all over the Pilbara each year. There will be 600 players alone, so pray for him as he engages with them
  • The team’s involvement in kick-starting Wickham Community Projects at the houses in the Bronx now the initial refurbishments have been done.
Please also pray for:
  • The ongoing restoration on Holy Trinity. Give thanks that the roof has just been removed, and is currently being rebuilt. Once this is completed (before the cyclone season!), the oldest church in the Diocese and north west Australia will be secured for future generations. Pray that there will continue to be donations to complete the work, so it can be used to minister to today’s members of the oldest town in the north west.
  • The renovation of the properties that the Dusty Boots team is staying in. Pray that it will commence soon after they vacate, so that the Seafarer’s Centre can be completed by the end of the year
  • The work with and visits to those in the prison at Roebourne, rehab near Hedland, and juvenile detention in Perth.