Kununurra is a mining and agricultural town in north-west Australia. It is located in the far east of the Kimberley and is only 37 kilometres from the border with the Northern Territory. There is a population of approximately 7000, about half of whom are North Australian Indigenous peoples. The town is surrounded by irrigated farmland and the main industries of the town are farming, mining and tourism. In land size, the Kununurra Parish is larger than Victoria and many of the Christian programs in the area have an Indigenous focus.

Jim & Natalie Watson

Jim and Natalie Watson have served as BCA Co-Workers in the Western Australian town of Kununurra since 2004. The Watsons have a heart for ministry to Indigenous people. They host a weekly Bible study in their home for local Indigenous families. Jim also works two days a week at the local school among at-risk students and three days teaching construction at the local TAFE. He has been able to share his faith and now has a pastoral role in the lives of many young adults in Kununurra.

Children: Jesse (2004), Matthew (2005), Luke (2007), Isabel (2010)

The Watsons' September Prayer Points
Praise God for Jim’s TAFE long service leave and a renewing break away between April and July. Pray for St James’ congregation as we welcome our new ministry family - the Faricys. Pray that we will grow in love for one another and for them.

The Revd Daniel & Mrs Rebecca Faricy

The Faricys moved to Kununurra in August 2017 where they serve as BCA Field Staff at St James Kununurra. In his role as Minister in Charge, Daniel aims to proclaim the good news of Jesus and present everyone mature in Christ.

Rebecca is a full-time Mum to Rachael and Jessica. She enjoys looking after the girls and getting involved in ministry.

Prior to moving to Kununurra, Daniel was assistant minister at Holy Trinity Anglican Church at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains.

Children: Rachael (2013), Jessica (2015)

The Faricys' September Prayer Points

  • Give thanks to God that we’re starting to settle into life in Kununurra. The house is unpacked and its starting to feel like home: pictures are on the walls and the lawn is mowed. The climate is hot but nice at the moment and we’ve visited a couple of great water holes already.
  • Give thanks that we have been welcomed well and we’ve already started making friends with people from St James'. Rachael has made some good friends her age already. Pray that we’d continue to develop these relationships so that we can grow in Christ together.
  • Pray that God would give us wisdom to know how to best serve the congregation here at St James.
  • Pray that God would help us learn the culture of Kununurra and for wisdom to know how to best engage with the community.
  • Give thanks for the encouragement of knowing so many people are praying for us.