Indigenous Ministry Officer

The Indigenous Ministry Officer is a full time role, which provides support to Field Staff who work with Indigenous people, and supports BCA’s Indigenous staff. The Officer will meet regularly with the BCA Executive and Regional Officers to benefit from each other’s wisdom and move forward together in these areas.

  • Working with the rest of the BCA team to grow our work with Indigenous people over the long-term
  • Keeping an eye out for emerging Indigenous Christian leaders and finding ways BCA can help them take the next steps into ministry
  • Representing BCA in wider discussions about Indigenous ministry.

The Revd Neville & Mrs Kathryn Naden

The Revd Neville Naden is BCA’s first Indigenous Ministry Officer. Together with his wife Kathie, Neville seeks to support those at the coal face who minister to our First Nations people, many of whom live in rural and remote communities. He will also provide support to BCA’s Indigenous staff.

“One of the things that Kathie and I are most looking forward to as we begin this new role, is walking alongside people as they think through the ‘how to’ of ministry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,” says Neville.

Before starting this role in 2017, Neville and Kathie had served at the Living Desert Indigenous Church in Broken Hill since 2007.

The Nadens' August Prayer Points
Neville has a speaking engagement with the Bathurst Diocese this month. Pray that he will prepare well and that what is prepared will be helpful to those in attendance at their Diocesan family camp.