Indigenous Ministry Officer

The Indigenous Ministry Officer is a full time role, which provides support to Field Staff who work with Indigenous people, and supports BCA’s Indigenous staff. The Officer will meet regularly with the BCA Executive and Regional Officers to benefit from each other’s wisdom and move forward together in these areas.

  • Working with the rest of the BCA team to grow our work with Indigenous people over the long-term
  • Keeping an eye out for emerging Indigenous Christian leaders and finding ways BCA can help them take the next steps into ministry
  • Representing BCA in wider discussions about Indigenous ministry.

The Revd Neville & Mrs Kathryn Naden

The Revd Neville Naden is BCA’s first Indigenous Ministry Officer. Together with his wife Kathie, Neville seeks to support those at the coal face who minister to our First Nations people, many of whom live in rural and remote communities. He will also provide support to BCA’s Indigenous staff.

“One of the things that Kathie and I are most looking forward to as we begin this new role, is walking alongside people as they think through the ‘how to’ of ministry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,” says Neville.

Before starting this role in 2017, Neville and Kathie had served at the Living Desert Indigenous Church in Broken Hill since 2007.

The Nadens' April Prayer Points
Praise God for:

  • The recent Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship of Australia (AEF) convention that was held in Port Augusta South Australia. Praise God for the 300+ people who committed their lives to Christ. It was a taste of heaven. With no division, but the body of Christ spending time together gazing at the face of our Saviour through His word
  • Our time in Eden at the Eden Country Gospel. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement. Praise God that we were able to be there to encourage Pastor Ossie Cruise and his people in that part of God's wonderful vineyard
  • BCA's appointment of new Aboriginal Field Staff. George & Carmel Ferguson have taken up a ministry trainee position at St Peter’s South Tamworth. George's role will see him looking after the Indigenous ministry in the parish. Please pray for George and Carmel as they settle into the work
  • Jack & Lill Harradine have replaced us at Broken Hill. As they continue to find their feet, pray that this time will be a growing exercise for them and the congregation that they serve.
  • Neville has returned to Broken Hill to take a funeral for a prominent family in and around Broken Hill. This was an opportunity to preach the gospel and to serve the family in their time of grief and loss
  • The BCA Senior staff. Early last month we set aside time to meet together and plan for the year. Pray that God would give BCA success in all that they do for Him.
Pray for:
  • The Indigenous Ministry Support Committee as they continue to work on a Reconciliation Action Plan for BCA
  • Neville as he has a number of speaking engagements coming up. He is speaking at the Katherine Christian Convention in May, and some BCA functions: one in NSW in April and the other in Victoria. Please pray that God will speak through him
  • Us as we work on various commitments. Pray that we will get the opportunity to spend quality time together
  • Our son Nathaniel as he settles into fourth year at Moore College
  • Our youngest son Jonathan as he begins a paramedicine course in the next couple of weeks
  • Our daughter and son in-law Jamie & Glen as they raise their three little ones. Pray that they might have strength as they raise their five year old who is severely autistic.
  • Us as we head to Israel for GAFCON. We will represent BCA at this conference. Pray that God will provide everything that we need for our journey. We are hoping to travel a week earlier to take in some of the sights and have a look around. This will be our first time in Israel, and so we want to maximise our time there.